One thing, at least in my school, that I always find interesting is the types of tests that people like to take. While it seems obvious to me that most people hate taking short-answer quizzes, it shocks me that True/False tests are not well-received either. After all, the

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Multiple Choice Tests and Ways to Deal with them

The AMCs are Coming... WHAT Should I Do In These Last Few Days???The time has finally come for the AMC10/12 test. In just a few days, the AMC10/12 A will take place, and a week after that, the AMC10/12 B. Hopefully, you’ve practiced enough to have a good chance at

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What Do I Do In The Last Few Days Before The AMC10/12?

The Math Contest season is rapidly approaching, and one of the first major math competitions of the year, the AMC10s and AMC12s, will soon be upon us. As a result, many of us will likely be scrabbling to practice to ensure that we receive the score that we hope for

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Preparation Tips for the Upcoming AMC10/12

By: Rich Wang Ah, studying. One of the most boring and mind-numbing activities one will ever have to perform. The pain only worsens when one spends many hours studying, he still gets lower than the grade than he wanted. Perhaps this is due to a lack of concentration, or maybe

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How to Increase the Quality of Your Studying for Any Test!

By: Rich Wang We all make silly mistakes. Even the best of us cannot avoid reading the problem incorrectly at times, or making a simple arithmetic error on a math test. Yet while one can never completely get rid of silly mistakes, it seems as though some are able to

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The Neglected Importance of Checking
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