Special "AMC8/10 Strategy Session" fundraiser to Support front line medical workers at this challenging time

Rich Sage Stephanie Donating at Memorial Hermann hospital 04-2020

Special AMC8/AMC10 strategy session
(04/19 2:00~3:30 pM CST)

Something that every student has experienced is the dread of underperforming; when you know that you could have gotten a better score, but you just made far too many silly mistakes or perhaps the pressure simply got to you.

During this upcoming weekend’s special “AMC8/ AMC10 Strategy Session”,  we intend to share our best AMC8/10 test taking tips and tactics with you in this class. 

Meanwhile we also want to use this special class as a fundraising platform to really help support the front line medical workers at this challenging time. 100% of the fundraising proceed will go to those who really need it. 

As your donation is made through Kid Teach Kid,  a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization,  all donations are tax deductible. 

Thank You so much for all your support!                             

We exceeded our original goal and raised $725!  


This enabled us to donate medical PPE to doctors & nurses in Memorial Hermann hospital in Sugar land.


The appreciation Email on the right is from Ms. Malisha Patel, Chief Executive officer of  Memorial Hermann hospital of Sugar Land and southwest. 

$725 of $700 raised
2017 PWMC team
Doctor and nurses

Class contents

Your kind giving enables the doctors and nurses to better protect themselves & save lives!