2024 "Uncover AI 4 Students" Special Virtual Event

This year's unique "Uncover AI 4 Students" expert webinar series is designed to inspire and empower students at all ages to embrace artificial intelligence,  and leverage it to supercharge their future learning and career. We are thrilled to have several world-class AI experts to share their valuable insights on the future development and emerging trend of Artificial Intelligence, and how we can best prepare ourselves for this unique AI era of exponential technology growth.

Featured Speakers:  Kasia Chmielinski,  Dr. Moshe Y. Vardi
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Facilitator:   Sage Wang

Kasia Chmielinski is the Co-Founder of the Data Nutrition Project, an initiative that builds tools to mitigate bias in artificial intelligence, and an advisor at the Centre for Humanitarian Data and Global Pulse (UN OCHA). Kasia is also an affiliate at Stanford University and Harvard University focused on building responsible data systems. Previously, they held positions at the US Digital Service (Executive Office of the President), MIT Media Lab, McKinsey & Company, and Google. Kasia has a degree in physics from Harvard University.

Moshe Y. Vardi is University Professor and the George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering at Rice University. His research focuses on the interface of mathematical logic and computation -- including database theory, hardware/software design and verification, multi-agent systems, and constraint satisfaction. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the ACM SIGACT Goedel Prize, the ACM Kanellakis Award, the ACM SIGMOD Codd Award, the Knuth Prize, the IEEE Computer Society Goode Award, and the EATCS Distinguished Achievements Award. He is the author and co-author of over 750 papers, as well as two books. He is a Guggenheim Fellows as well as fellow of several societies, and a member of several academies, including the US National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Science, and the Royal Society of London. He holds nine honorary titles. He is a Senior Editor of the Communications of the ACM, the premier publication in computing.


Sage Wang is a junior at Clements High School. She is the co-founder and President of Content Development of Kid Teach Kid. Sage is a 4-time Gold Key Winner for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, a 2-time AIME Qualifier, and a USACO Silver Division Qualifier. Outside of school, Sage also enjoys playing the cello and playing frisbee.


Topic 1:    AI Safety By Design
Speaker:  Kasia Chmielinski  (Co-Founder of the Data Nutrition Project)
Time:  Saturday 05/25/2024 5:00 pm CDT

In this talk, Chmielinski will delve into the concept of "AI safety by design," advocating for the integration of a safety mindset into the product development cycle from its inception. The discussion will encompass a range of topics, including maintaining dataset integrity and transparency, adopting trust and safety protocols for generative AI, and highlighting tangible examples of user-centered design in deployment—moving beyond theoretical discourse to actionable strategies. Discover how the proactive addressing of potential harms and the implementation of care-driven practices can pave the way for building better tech that truly serves everyone.

Topic 2:    AI Humans, Machines, and Work: The Future is Now
Speaker:  Dr. Moshe Y. Vardi  (Distinguished Professor at Rice University)
Time:  Monday 05/27/2024 7:00 pm CDT

In this talk,  Professor Vardi will dissect the two schools of economic thinking have for many years been engaged in a debate about the potential effects of automation on jobs: will new technology spawn mass unemployment, as the robots take jobs away from humans? Or will the jobs robots take over create demand for new human jobs? He will present data that demonstrate that the concerns about automation are valid. In fact, technology has been hurting working-class people for the past 40 years. The discussion about humans, machines and work tend to be a discussion about some undetermined point in the far future. But it is time to face reality. The future is now.


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