2020 Kid Teach Kid Summer Camp Math Competition (Answer Key at bottom of page) 

7:00 am CDT  07/25  Saturday   ~   11:00 pm CDT 07/26 Sunday

All students can participate,  please read the rules and scroll to bottom to join the contest. 

Contest Rules and Instructions

  1. 1
    Skill level

    Difficulty will range from early AMC 8 to late AMC 10 level.
  2. 2
    Contest Starting / Ending Time --> Answer Submission Window:

    The contest will be open to camp students' participation starting 7:00 am CDT on Saturday (07/25), and will end on 11:00 pm CDT on Sunday (07/26). You can get into the contest by clicking the green button at the bottom of this page anytime between the above mentioned window.
  3. 3
    Number of Contest Problems and Format:

    There are 25 short answer-integer responses problem that is designed to be completed in 1 hour. You will be given 5 extra minutes to print out the test sheet at the beginning,  and fill out your answers inside the 25 form entries. Please also make sure you enter your name and email address so we can track who submitted each particular contest entry.
  4. 4
    Points system for the Contest:

    Each problem will be worth 1 point, with no penalties for guessing.
  5. 5
    Tie Breaker Rule:

    Ties will be broken by the last question answered. If the last question answered for two tied participants is the same, then the tie will be broken by the second-to-last-question, and so on.
  6. 6
    Tools for the Contest:

    You may use any writing utensils, scratch/graph paper, compasses, protractors, or straight-edges. Use of the internet, calculators, Wolfram-Alpha, online graph software, and code is not allowed.
  7. 7
    Contest Problem Answers and Results:

    The contest problem ansnwers will be available on Monday 07/28. The contest results will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday.
  8. 8
    Important Point about Starting the contest:

    Once you click the green button below to get into the contest page,  the timer on the test page will start and you can't stop it or reset it by refreshing the page.  Answers will be submitted by clicking the blue "Submit" button on the test page and will be autograded. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON BEFORE THE TIMER RUNS OUT. Once the timer reaches zero, the contest problem page will no longer be accessible to you, and none of your entered responses will be processed if you have not clicked "Submit".   Moreover, submiting your answer via email and Contact Us page will not be accepted.  Please input the email address that you used to register the camp.
  9. 9
    Top Finisher Award:

    (1) Points!

    1st place: +50
    2nd place: +45
    3rd place: +40
    4th-10th place: +20

    (2) Your name will be featured on the Kid Teach Kid winner board!

    (3) Cool merchandise! (Still under consideration)

That was fun !

Thank you very much for everyone who participated in the Kid Teach Kid Summer Camp Math Competition.  We had a great time designing and hosting this very first contest, and we surely hope you had a lot of fun as well being part of this event. 

We will post the contest problem solutions and competition results in the next few days. 

Math Competition Answer Key

Notice that problem 17 had an error in the answer key- We previously believed the answer to be 8, but one of our students caught our mistake. The answer has been fixed.

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