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Welcome to our Public health advocacy program


After witnessing the spread of misinformation and occasional lack of personal health responsibility, many have come to a consensus that our society must improve public health literacy. Public health literacy is defined as the knowledge to assess public health circumstances to make safe, responsible choices for the good of the community. To promote public health literacy, we must work together to make public health education an accessible, equitable component of our education systems.

Throughout this program, you will learn and experience the mechanisms you can use as a young person to spread public health literacy, including learning the basics of public health through an interactive project. Additionally, you will conduct outreach to local officials to make a positive change in your community. As an ambassador, you will participate in an intensive 8-week program where you will dive deep into the inner workings of educational and health policy and become a nonpartisan grassroots activist for a noble cause.

The program facilitator will be Stephanie Wang. Read more about her public health advocacy work here.