We all need breaks sometimes from our busy study and work.

The music on this page are the ideal companion to help us recharge our body and mind.

The videos on the right are the full instrumental and piano version of our recently composed neo-classical pieces.

Please scroll down to enjoy more relaxing study break music tracks.

Study-break music & Study song starter -  feeling positive and uplifting 

More Great Study Break Music  01  --  Enjoying deep relaxation   -  The Fall

More Great  Study Break Music 02  -   Settling into tranquility  - The Home Creek

More Great Study Break Music 03  -  Drifting into harmony  -  The Adventure Path

More Great Study Break Music 04  -   Getting back into flow  -  The Snowy Winter

More Great Study Break Music 05  -   Recovering and restoring  - The Blooming Spring

More Great Study Break Music 06  -   Finding  peace and balance  -  The Summer Sky

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