General Math

SAT Math

3 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This course is the introductory course for preparing for SAT Math. These 3 sessions will include the basic overviews of SAT Math with and without calculator. It also covers the general topics needed from Algebra and Geometry. It will go over sample problems that highlight some tips and tricks for both sections of SAT Math.

Course Structure


Lesson 1 - SAT MATH without calculator

This first lesson covers the section of SAT Math test without calculator. 


Lesson 2 - SAT math with calculator

This 2nd lesson covers the section of SAT math using a calculator.


Lesson 3 - Complex Numbers, Quadratic, Circles, Trigonometry

The 3rd lessons covers some of the most common problem type in SAT math:  (1) Complex Numbers (2) Quadratic   (3) Circles,   (4) Trigonometry.