Contest Math

Number Sense

4 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

In this class, we'll cover a large variety of different tricks and techniques to allow one to improve his or her mental math speed. This will cover a variety of strategies, such as fast multiplication (for many, many numbers), fast modular arithmetic, and calculating the sums of certain sequences quickly. Competitions like TMSCA and Mathleague have classes dedicated to this subject, but regardless of whether you are preparing for them, this course will help you become much faster at computational math.

Course Structure


Lesson 1- Multiply by Everything

This lesson teaches multiplying by everything.


Lesson 2- Factoring, Mods, and Divisors

This lesson teaches factoring, mods and divisors


Lesson 3- Sequences and Polynomials

This lesson teaches sequences and polynomials.


Lesson 4- Estimation and Miscellaneous

This lesson teaches estimation and miscellaneous things.