Contest Math

Math competition level 1

4 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This class is primarily for those looking to increase their scores in the AMC8, AMC10, and Chapter/State MATHCOUNTS competitions. We will cover a variety of important techniques, ranging from general counting techniques to manipulations in algebra, and go over several important practice problems from real competitions. Note that this class is slightly easier than Math Competitions 2.

Course Structure


Lesson 1 - Length Chasing And Areas

In this lesson, you will learn the effective techniques of Finding Areas with Similarity.


Lesson 2 - Casework

In this 2nd lesson, we will go over some casework to become familiar with the fundamental techniques.


Lesson 3 - Algebratic Manipulations

In this lesson,  we will teach you how to become proficient in Algebratic Manipulations


Lesson 4 - Factorials

In this lesson, you will learn the fundamental concept and fundamental techniques of factorials.