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In this course, we will explore various topics in intermediate mathematics with the aim of equipping students with the theoretical foundation they need to turn a borderline or sub-qualifying AMC 10 score into an Honor Roll or Distinguished Honor Roll score. To do so, we will look at some concepts and questions that have appeared on the more challenging side of AMC contests in an interactive and instructive manner


In this lesson, you will learn the Computational Geometric Techniques

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In this 2nd lesson, we will go over Quadratics and Other Functions.

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In this lesson,  we will teach you about Introductory Modular Arithmetic

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In this lesson, you will learn the Geometric Probability and Expected Value.

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About the teacher

Ayran Bora

Aryan is a rising junior at Clements High School. He is passionate about mathematics and the sciences, and is excited to be coaching for Kid Teach Kid this year. He is a USAJMO Winner, 3x AIME Qualifier, 2x USABO Semifinalist, and USACO Gold participant who enjoys competing with his school's Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams. In his free time, Aryan enjoys watching movies, playing tennis with friends, and hiking outdoors.